Photoshop Just Crashed.

 photo 892b1430-4829-4d27-88e1-946da0c22258_zps9fac7669.jpg Dress- COS | Trainers- Nike

Photoshop just crashed and once that I'm a total geek for it that's the worst that could have happened! However the good side of this superfluous but really emotional story is that I was forced to use other tools, that worked pretty well. This kind of glitch works in a really pleasant way, and that's very sheer nowadays once that you can see it everywhere.
It reminds me of a naive and pure time of fashion. A time where fashion as a word wasn't a run-of-the-mill.
A time where Shalom Harlow was in the middle of two machines spraying tint over her white dress ( Alexander Mcqueen S/S 99), where we could see campaigns full of smiley faces/models ( Drew Barrymore Miu Miu S/S 95 campaign) or where Anna Wintour dressed Michaela in jeans because she was too fat for a Lacroix ( Vogue cover November 1988). Times where there was only a group of photographers documenting what was really happening in this industry and not the circus around it. A beautiful time where this wasn't an industry for the silly ones but for the good and talented.
But I'm convinced that we are getting there again yet slowly, because we are realizing the overdose that we're going through right now.

Non-Elitist Approach.

 photo ca6eed70-3a2e-439a-8658-2c341cc2a47f_zpsc4134bb2.jpg

Jacket- J.W Anderson | Top- COS | Skirt- Absolutribut | Boots- Topshop Unique | Bag- Zara

So does J.W Anderson actually make us want to be rich just for the simple fact that we could buy everything that he creates? YEP. Are we obsessed with his androgynie and to cool for school vibe? Uh huh. Do we love Anderson's non-elitist approach? Absolutely. 
Honestly he's one of the few designers nowadays that make me really excited to see what he'll come up next and I would love to work with him (who knows?!?). Lately I have been working on my very own portfolio like non stop, applied to uni, bought some new clothes (like this J.W Anderson babe) and have been working on some stuff that I'll show and tell later.
Missed blogging so much, but now I'm back for good.

That's A Fact.

neutrals_zps3bd016f3 neutrals2_zpsc1f4d10c Trench Coat- Absolutribut | Dress- Monki | Beanie- American Apparel |Socks- COS | Trainers- Reebock

I'm now able to face the reality and admit that I'm just as obsessed with trench coats as I'm for Homeland ( and believe that's a hell of a passion). After spending all the money that I've saved for my upcoming holidays in a Maison Martin Margiela one I realized that it was becoming more than something that I simply like. They are quite appealing yet a bit odd. I always find it intriguing in seeing someone dressed in a cool one from behind,  I just start picturing the whole outfit in my head. But guys, they always look better. That's a fact.

K L A R.

KLAR_COLLAGE-1resized klar_collage2resized
Top- KLAR | Skirt- Zara | Jeans- American Apparel | Bag- Adidas

It's all about the top. Got it as a birthday gift from my bf.  It's from a portuguese brand, KLAR. Purity and integrity are two words that sharply describe the brand. If you thought that I was about to say something like simple, think twice because there's nothing simple about it. All the knowledge behind it, makes it pretty convoluted. There is loads of reasons that make me share a kind of love for all the clothes from KLAR. I really appreciate owning items that were created outside of the mass production that is everywhere nowadays, not only in a wasteful industry as fashion. The fact that it wasn't made due to a contempo trend, that the quality of the clothes is higher and the craftsmanship is genuinely pleasant, make it worth even more. A piece that is made to last a lifetime.